Our Team

Thrash Construction Services' primary strength is our Construction Management Team. We work with and employ professional employees and sub contractors that understand quality and enjoy their trade.

  • Thad Thrash - President
  • Donald J. Nici - Chief Financial Officer
  • Cindy Smith - Office Manager
  • Chris Cox - Project Manager
  • Gene Coulter - Project Superintendent
  • Robert Jessup - Project Superintendent
  • Chris Lindsey - Project Superintendent
  • Sam Watkins- Project Superintendent
  • Larry Loudd - Field Engineer

If you are a vendor or subcontractor and would like to join our project team, please contact us estimating@thrashcs.com.



Thad Thrash was born in Ringgold, Louisiana to entrepreneurial parents. T.O. Thrash, a World War II Veteran started in the construction industry as a builder in 1944 constructing post war homes in New York. T.O. and his Yankee bride Lucille moved to Ringgold, Louisiana to start a family and business. T.O Thrash raised his son Thad with the understanding that hard work and honesty were paramount.

At a young age Thad began working with his father's Construction Company. When it came time to choose a career, Thad selected Construction Management Engineering as major in college. Thad Graduated from Northeast Louisiana University in 1987. With a college degree under his belt and a new job offer in Dallas, TX, he left the rural Louisiana town for the big city.

Thad worked for Aberdeen Industries from 1987 -1992 as Estimator, Project Manager and Division Manager. While with Aberdeen he was transferred to Washington, D.C. He left Aberdeen Industries to work for Clark Construction as a Project Manager. In 1997, Thad and his wife Rachel moved from Washington, D.C. to New Orleans, La where he was employed by Gibbs Construction as a Project Manager. In 2001 Thad left Gibbs Construction to help start up a emerging company Ellis Construction as Vice President.


In August 2005 Hurricane Katrina pushed its way into the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf coast. Families were separated, neighborhoods were totally devastated and lives lost. The outpouring of help and sympathy for the city of New Orleans was overwhelming. In so many different and unusual situations, friendships were created and new opportunities were abound.

Thad and Rachel Thrash were living in the Lakeview neighborhood only a few blocks from the site where the 17th Street canal would breach. Thad, Rachel and their three sons Nathan, Gabe and Matthew had to evacuate.

Like so many other families, the Thrash’s evacuated New Orleans. They retreated to Thad’s home town and family farm in Ringgold, Louisiana. There was the short lived celebration when Katrina swerved and missed New Orleans. Then the news came that the levees had breached. The Thrash’s knew immediately this was not good news for Lakeview.

Thad went into New Orleans 3 days after the city began to flood. By boat, Thad located his neighborhood and eventually his home. Their new home with its heart pine floors and reclaimed cypress doors and wood work, stood in 15 feet of water. Nothing was salvageable.

Trying to give the kids some sense of security they found the closest thing they could to St. Dominic’s School and enrolled the boys at St. Joseph School in Shreveport. Like most children the kids made friends fast and adjusted much more quickly than the adults.

A few weeks into the school year The Thrash boys met two boys in their classes by the last name of Bryan. Clay and Lori Bryan had two sons attending St. Joseph. The Thrash boys and Bryan boys were the same age and ended up in the same classes. Like with most childhood friendships the parents eventually have to meet. The similarities between the families were uncanny. Both families had all boys, both fathers were Contractors and the new friendship was immediate. Shortly thereafter, the idea of a partnership was accepted almost without question. Six months after the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina a young new company, Bryan & Thrash Contractors was formed.


Thad having experience in developing construction in new markets was lured back to South Louisiana by previous clients to help rebuild. The next several years brought new organization structure, team building, hard work and countless hours of travel. The company had focused and developed a reputation as a traveling contractor. In late 2011 the two partners decided to split to pursue their own individual business plans.

In 2012 Thad formed Thrash Construction Services, LLC, (TCS). TCS is a single owner LLC.with a continued focus in providing General Construction Service to the Louisiana and Mississippi construction markets.

Thad purchased the freshly renovated building previously owned by Bryan & Thrash to anchor his newly committed team. The TCS office incorporates the open style and details that incorporate value engineering and creativity, A vital focus in the TCS Business Plan.

TCS is very fortunate that the key employees that had worked alongside Thad over the past 5 years decided to continue as part of TCS team.

We appreciate you taking time to understand who we are and where we have been. Please contact me in person to continue our relationship. Let us know who you are and how we can be a part of your Construction Service Team.


Thrash Construction Services encourages our employees and associates in community involvement.

We support youth development through school sponsorship and contributions. Additionally we support and encourage youth in Scouting and Outdoor activities. Thad is an Adult leader with Boy Scouts of America, Troop 10, Shreveport, La.

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